Flung Out of Space (F.O.S.)

Version 1






Documentation and processes for version 1


F.O.S. [flung out of space] is a paired set of wearables, designed to foster an intimate bond between the paired wearers across a given space and distance by remotely transferring heartbeats between the partners. Gentle vibrations and pulsing lights provide physical feedback, while LED indicators on the neckpiece and cuff provide visual feedback on the wearers’ respective emotional states, enabling them to read each other at a glance, when they are unable to connect on a more physical basis. This particular project is intended to be a refinement and version 2 of the project, having already completed version 1.

The two-part system consists of:


This started as a wearable project that was intended to act as an anxiety-soothing device. This evolved into something used to create a sense of intimacy, largely private to the wearers, across distance at say, a party.


A pair of people who have some kind of relationship in which they would appreciate the intimacy of getting biofeedback from their partner.


A combination of input sensors and output devices, listed below. I have finished iteration 1, viewable here: Flung Out of Space, and intend to refine the production process, use more digital fabrication techniques, and add a wireless communication feature to avoid tethering the wearers to each other. I also plan to try ordering PCBs, including possibly placing an order for a flexible PCB - tbd.